We Recommend

Special Insider Secret from Joe Burgard, Red and White Fleet’s Director of Operations

One of the places I like to visit is the Warming Hut in the Presidio near Fort Point. It is a great place to go in the morning, pick up a hot drink and a breakfast roll, maybe find a small gift or two for relatives, and take a view-inspired stroll along Crissy Field. This is also a great place to begin or end a stroll or run along the bay. It’s a place filled with great sights of San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Angle Island, the Marin Headlands, in and out bound ships, and the occasional sailing or outrigger regatta. There’s an old fishing pier that gets you over the bay and up close to some salty locals, a sandy beach, grassy picnic area, and lots of historical spots to visit like Presidio’s pet cemetery, the stables of the Buffalo Soldiers who were stationed here in the late 19th century, the old Coast Guard station buildings and others. When there are waves, you can almost reach out and touch the surfers next to the Fort Point Rocks.

Special Insider Secret from Red and White Fleet Sales Manager Mysty Caswell

Fresca is my favorite place to eat in the city. I like the Fillmore District so I go to that location at 2114 Fillmore, they also have two other locations in Noe Valley and West Portal. The Ceviche is the best, and certainly my recommendations, well in the United States 🙂

These are my favorite dishes. Ceviche 5 Elementos – halibut, onion, rocoto pepper, lime juice, sea salt OR Tiradito – Peruvian-style sashimi with hamachi, jalapeño, soy, white truffle oil, andean corn. Yummy. Check it out at http://www.frescasf.com/index.html.

Special insider secret from Red and White Fleet’s Christina

If you’re looking for a little pampering, check out Cocoon Day Spa, which was voted the best Spray Tanning by Allure magazine and has won many awards in all areas of service. And, while you are getting a treatment they provide you with free Champagne!! http://www.cocoondayspa.com

Special insider secret from Red and White Fleet President Tom Escher:

If you’re in the mood to sit back and watch “action” unfold, order your favorite sandwich on artisan bread, then the Waterfront Bakery is the place for you. Located at the Cannery, south Building, street level, this charming spot does not bake bread but buys artisan breads and makes delicious sandwiches and also serves sweets and cookies. It’s a great place for a simple meal or snack…and fun for all ages. Hamid, the owner, is a friendly, people person and enjoys this small business that has been serving the locals for 14 years.

Special insider secret from Red and White Fleet President Tom Escher:

Head to Boudin Bakery at Fisherman’s Wharf and purchase any of their French bread, plus your favorite beverage. Then, walk across Taylor Street to Fisherman’s Grotto #9 crab stand (outside where they cook and sell fresh crab) and buy the largest Dungeness cooked crab (be sure the crab is heavy as I feel the heavy crabs are the sweetest). Ask for the crab to be cracked – no extra charge – and wrapped in paper. Request a few lemon slices…if you smile I think he will probably give them to you for free….some people like cocktail sauce so if you like cocktail sauce ask for a little container…personally, I just like the crab with a drip of lemon. Don’t forget to ask for an extra paper bag for all the waste. With your picnic in hand, stroll down Taylor Street to Pier 45. There is a roadway between Fisherman’s Grotto # 9 and Pier 45. Take this roadway and go west in the direction of the Golden Gate Bridge. Continue about 300 meters to the waters edge. There you will find a brown building with a bell tower on your left…that is the Fisherman’s & Seaman’s Chapel. Go around that building onto the water side – right next to the building – and stop. You have arrived. Sit down, put your back against the building, open the beverage, open the crab, rip the bread, enjoy the meal and watch the fishing boats entering and departing the historic wharf area. And, please be sure to clean up by putting the trash into the paper bag so that the next person can also enjoy the views of San Francisco.

From Marino Cacciotti, Assistant Operations Manager

Marino Cacciotti, our Asst Ops Manager, loves to go the 21st Amendment on 2nd Street before the Giants game. His favorite recommendation is the watermelon wheat beer. It’s amazing!

Marino Cacciotti, our Asst Ops Manager, frequently goes to La Corneta in Glen Park as it’s his favorite place for a burrito fix.

From Regional Sales Manager Taylor Appell

1. A new restaurant opened up in the wharf and I can’t wait to try it! It’s called Hot Spud and it’s a build-your-own baked potato bar – yum!

2. On a cold winter, or July day, in Fisherman’s Wharf my favorite place to warm up is at Fiddler’s on the Green. It is an authentic Irish pub with amazing food, including a fresh made, daily soup. And of course, the soup of the day is always served with homemade Irish brown bread.

3. The absolute best coffee in the wharf is at Coffee Adventures on Columbus. I go there every morning for my caffeine fix!

4. My favorite two neighborhoods to go shopping in are Chestnut Street and Valencia Street. On Chestnut Street in the Marina, you can find all your posh, name brand clothing and jewelry stores, mixed in with really nice eateries. Valencia Street in the Mission has the best assortment of unique boutiques, ranging from one-of-a-kind clothing, to furniture and antiques – it’s a little kooky and gritty, but oh so fun.


5 responses to “We Recommend

  1. Either before or after your Red And White Fleet Bay Cruise…check out Boudin Bakery for a quick sandwich downstairs, a cocktail at the bar or a sit down dinner with a (bread) bowl of clam chowder…Yummy!!!!

  2. If you are looking for a place to eat that’s a popular hang out with locals from the Wharf, check out Darren’s Cafe on 2731 Taylor Street. There are great American and Vietnamese dishes on the menu, including killer omlettes and also wonderful Pho that keeps you warm in the cold days of winter. Owners, Wendy and David, recently expanded the restaurant to offer more indoor seating. The service always is friendly and attentive, too.

  3. Stefan took my recommendation! I totally agree that Darren’s is amazing for lunch.
    I have worked in the Wharf for several years now and always have fun playing tourist in my own city. A great way of getting to Pier 43 1/2 is to take the historic F-line. Not only is it the coolest way to get to the wharf, but it is incredibly easy, cheap, and goes along the entire Embarcadero.

  4. Salty’s under the Franciscan has the best clam chowder in the entire Wharf area!

  5. Feeling Sinful? Then head over to the Grove Cafe at 690 Mission St, next to Yerba Buena Gardens. The cafe is very relaxed and designed to remind one of a mountain lodge – quite nice!

    Yesterday, we tried their Rhubarb-Strawberry Cake with a scoop of cardamom ice cream, and it was spectacular. Together with a glass of their lavender lemonade, this made a sunny San Francisco day even more perfect.

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